5 Actors Who Could Play Robin to Ben Affleck's Batman

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.
July 10th, 2014

With the "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" film still pretty early in development, there are a lot of questions surfacing. The Batman in this film is a departure from the one of Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight Trilogy." This means that there are a lot of possibilities for the character. With the rumor of this film tying into a large set of movies based in the DC universe, the possibility of Robin being in this or a future film with Ben Affleck's Batman continues to grow.

Whoever gets the role would have to be a great actor. Since Joel Schumacher's 1997 "Batman and Robin" film, there hasn't been a Robin in a major blockbuster release of Batman at all. Instead, the focus has been solely on The Dark Knight. The actor who gets the role would have to be able to not only share the limelight with Ben Affleck's Batman but also have chemistry with the character. With that being said, the question of which actor would be the perfect fit for Batman's sidekick remains.



daniel-radcliffe.jpgPhoto Credit: Various

Daniel Radcliffe is one actor who has expressed his desire to play Robin, and there is a strong possibility that he could pull of the role well. Having been in eight films as the main character of the hugely popular "Harry Potter" franchise, Daniel Radcliffe definitely has the talent and skill to play the young sidekick. Daniel has already expressed how excited he would be to act in the film, although casting has already been chosen for "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice." In the event that the film does succeed, this could mean a new line of Batman films. Daniel Radcliffe could easily be The Dark Knight's sidekick in that instance.


josephgordonlevitt.jpgPhoto Credit: Various

Of course, it would be difficult to list potential Robin characters without mentioning Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The actor played a major role in the last Batman series, and he is definitely no stranger to the role of working with The Dark Knight. As an actor, Gordon-Levitt has been able to play both a lead and supporting role, and he could definitely play a good sidekick to the detective. However, it may be a better idea to have Gordon-Levitt play someone along the lines of Nightwing, giving him the ability to drift between standing alone and working with Batman when the time is needed.

eddie-redmayne-emag.jpgPhoto Credit: Various

Eddie Redmayne has come to the forefront since his role in "Les Miserables." Although he hasn't expressed interest in the role and doesn't have any experience working in the superhero genre, his work in "Les Miserables" is enough to demonstrate that he could play the quick-witted boy wonder without missing a beat.


josh-hutcherson_0.jpgPhoto Credit: Various

Josh Hutcherson is a very young actor, but he has had major roles as a child star, and his performance in "The Hunger Games" films is nothing to ignore. With his young age and acting abilities, he could easily serve as someone who looks up to Ben Affleck's Batman as a father figure and mentor outside of work. Josh Hutcherson as Robin could help create a father-son relationship between the two characters that has been missing in the Batman film franchises.


aaron-taylor-johnson.jpgPhoto Credit: Various

Aaron Taylor-Johnson's performance as "Kick-Ass" definitely shows that he knows how to play the superhero role, but it also shows that he can play a specific type of hero: a vigilante. One of the key aspects of Batman and Robin is that they have the ability to be heroes without any superpowers, a struggle that Aaron Taylor-Johnson portrayed in both "Kick-Ass" and "Kick-Ass 2". The actor could definitely portray some of the limitations of being a normal person trying to take on the role of a hero, especially while working alongside someone as feared and loved as Batman.

The relationship between Batman and Robin is something that is deeply explored in the comic book universe, and there is a closeness between the characters that has to be portrayed properly on screen. Any actor who plays Robin will have to be able to capture the audience's attention when he is alone as well as show that he is needed as a form of support when he is with Batman.

The best relationship between Batman and Robin in print or on screen is one that seems like a genuine partnership between father and son. Robin has always been a character that has kept Batman grounded and given him hope for the darkness that is Gotham City. These actors could all portray the importance of Robin to Batman in future films.