"Batman Vs. Superman" Promises A-List Actors and Action Galore

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.
February 8th, 2014

News of Ben Affleck's upcoming role as Batman in the new "Batman Vs. Superman" film may have induced some vocal wariness among some hardcore "Batman" fans, but several trustworthy critics are quite optimistic about the Oscar winner's portrayal of Gotham's dark knight. In fact, some are hailing Affleck's inclusion in the project as a reason to eagerly anticipate the movie. Ben's presence is only one reason to see the film, however. Filmgoers should consider the following five highlights about "Batman Vs. Superman" when judging whether or not to buy tickets in advance.

A-List Celebrities

Several favorite faces from "Superman" will be returning to the franchise to reprise the roles that fans cherish. Superman himself, Henry Cavill, will be ushering in his Metropolis energy and charm to the screen. Spitfire Amy Adams is sure to steal the scenes in which she is featured as the object of Superman's affection once again, while the increasingly popular Lawrence Fishburne is back as Perry White. Martha Kent is set to be expertly portrayed by the always talented Diane Lane. There is no news regarding other returning franchise friends, but fans are hopeful that some favorite characters from the "Batman" line are slated to return as well. Possible inclusions of Doomsday, one of Superman's most dangerous foes, and Nightwing, Batman's sidekick, have also been mentioned.

Wonder Woman

A paucity of female superheroes is an issue for fans of DC Comics, from which the title characters hail. The inclusion of Wonder Woman in the "Batman Vs. Superman" movie is therefore a cause for celebration, particularly since this will be the character's first appearance in theaters. Wonder Woman fans are well acquainted with the goddess's strength and larger-than-life presence, and newcomers to her ferocity are certain to come home from the theater extolling a new favorite heroine. Princess Diana will be played by Gal Godot, a lovely Israeli star. Godot is reported to have signed on for two more films in which she portrays Wonder Woman, but further information on these movies has not yet been released.

A Weary Hero

Most versions of "Batman" depict the caped crusader as a larger-than-life, muscle-laden Goliath, so news that this new Batman is set to be an aged model of the hero is refreshing. Ben Affleck himself describes his titular character as "tired and weary and seasoned," prompting fans to muse over how this Batman will fare in the film. Rather than worrying or discounting this older Batman, moviegoers can anticipate a hefty increase in drama and conflict as the story unfolds. The chemistry between this portrayal of Batman and Henry Cavill's Superman portrayal will add drama and depth to the film.

Mind-bending Batman Suit

According to irreverent and hilarious filmmaker Kevin Smith, the new Batman suit is "mind-bending" as well as completely unique to any superhero film. Smith even goes as far to claim that the new design has never been used in any movie before, including those of other genres. Smith vowed to not give away too many revealing details, but he did compare the suit with the black costumes previously featured in films like "X-Men" and "The Matrix," hinting that this particular suit is nothing like the costumes in those movies.

Epic Action

As with any superhero blockbuster, fans should expect to encounter action of epic proportions in "Batman Vs. Superman." The exact level of demolition, high-speed pursuits and general vivacity has yet to be revealed, but rumors are already circulating about Batmobile scenes. If the aforementioned inclusion of the previous "Superman" cast is demonstrative of the type of action, drama and special effects that audiences can expect to encounter, the film is already destined to impress fans new and old. Director and producer Zach Snyder is also famous for action-packed blockbusters like "Sucker Punch," "300," and "Man of Steel," which are all films that include high energy and action by any Hollywood standard.

Fans should also breathe a sigh of relief when they realize that the new installment to the "Batman" saga will not defile the previous films' buildup of the stony-jawed character's story. On the contrary, according to Affleck, the new tale will simply build on what ardent fans already know. An "older and wiser" Batman will not go against the canon of Christopher Nolan's trilogy that so many "Batman" fans have thoroughly enjoyed; in fact, Christopher Nolan is an executive producer of this film and has played a large role in its development. "Batman Vs. Superman" is scheduled to be released in theaters in 2015.