Ben Affleck needs acting motivation while directing

November 5th, 2012

Ben Affleck misses having somebody to kick him ''in the ass'' when he's directing himself.

The 40-year-old actor helms and stars in his latest film, 'Argo', and says one of the biggest challenges is to motivate himself to work harder as an actor.

He said: ''That's actually one of the most important things you miss when you direct yourself; you don't have a person to kick you in the ass if you don't have enough energy.

''Other than that, I find it liberating, because I'm not being directed by somebody with whom I disagree. The environment I create for myself and the other actors is hopefully one of near-complete freedom, where they can do as many takes as they want, take risks and I sort it all out in the editing room.''

Ben also joked getting the leading part was a little easier for him because of his close relationship with the director.

He added to Shortlist magazine: ''There's a part of you, if you're an actor, that's always looking for the next great job, always hustling. That part of me realised that the director part of me was going to do a really good movie, and since we were sleeping together, I had a good in.''

'Argo' is in cinemas on Wednesday (07.11.12).