George Clooney to produce "Coronado High"?

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Ben Affleck directs and stars in this 2012 political drama about the rescue of six U.S. diplomats from Tehran, Iran during the 1979 Iran hostage crisis. As the revolution in the country reaches a boiling point, a CIA 'exfiltration' specialist concocts a risky plan to free the Americans who have found shelter at the home of the Canadian ambassador.
April 26th, 2013

George Clooney is planning to produce 'Coronado High'.

The actor-and-director is looking to reunite with his 'Argo' co-producer Grant Heslov to make a film based on an upcoming article from journalist Joshuah Bearman, reports

Bearman wrote the Wired magazine article that formed the basis for Chris Terrio's Oscar-winning script for 'Argo', which was directed by Ben Affleck.

Not much is known about his latest article as it hasn't been published yet, but it's thought the piece deals with a group of teenagers who are used to smuggle drugs in Coronado, California.

Sony Pictures is in talks to produce the project with Clooney in mind to direct.

The star recently worked with Sony Pictures on his latest directorial effort 'The Monuments Men', a period era art heist thriller. The studio is planning to release the film - in which Clooney also stars alongside Matt Damon and Cate Blanchett - during awards season at the end of the year.

Clooney will next be seen alongside Sandra Bullock in Alfonso Cuaron's 'Gravity', a space-set thriller, and is also set to star in Disney's 'Tomorrowland' directed by Brad Bird.

'Argo' swept the Oscars earlier this year, earning Clooney, Heslov and Affleck statues for Best Picture.