Ben Kinglsey's vulnerable role

December 23rd, 2011

Sir Ben Kingsley was happy to convey his "destroyed life" vulnerability while filming 'Hugo'.

The Oscar-winning actor stars as toy shop owner Papa Georges in the adventure movie and he had no qualms about showing off any inner weakness because he knew director Martin Scorsese could handle it.

He said: "Here, my vulnerability was a destroyed life. It's a destroyed ambition, the aborted journey, the broken arc, all those things. And you feel, as a man, you can show Marty vulnerability and he'll never exploit it in the wrong way or take advantage of it, because he is so secure in himself."

The 67-year-old star enjoys the way the director - who he worked with on 2010 film 'Shutter Island' - deals with vulnerability "superbly well", particularly in men, when he is helming a motion picture.

He added to HitFix: "I haven't quite realised until working with him that he films male vulnerability in a very special and gifted way.

"He actually directs like a lover more than a tyrant, with tenderness rather than insistence. He's a perfectionist, but he gets it through extraordinary virile tenderness as a man. And he can guide an actor through vulnerability superbly well."