Ben Kingsley to play King Herod

September 28th, 2012

Sir Ben Kingsley is set to star in 'Mary Mother Of Christ'.

The 68-year-old actor is in talks to portray villainous King Herod in the Biblical epic, which is being touted as an unofficial prequel to 'The Passion Of The Christ'.

The film will follow Mary (Odeya Rush) in her attempts to defy Herod - who had ordered the slaying of baby boys of a certain age after hearing of the coming of a new King - and save her son Jesus.

Peter O'Toole is attached to play Symeon, and Julia Ormond is Mary's cousin Elizabeth.

According to The Wrap, Dame Judi Dench is being lined up for the role of Anna the Prophetess and Hugh Bonneville is to be offered the role of Satan.

'Sanctum' director Alister Grierson is to take the helm, with Benedict Fitzgerald - who co-wrote 'The Passion Of The Christ' with its star Mel Gibson - and Barbara Nicolosi penning the script.

Joel Osteen is executive producing, and Mary Aloe of Aloe Entertainment and Shawn Williamson of Bright Light Pictures are producing.