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When college friends reunite after 15 years over the Christmas holidays, they will discover just how easy it is for long-forgotten rivalries and romances to be ignited.

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2013-11-14 22:52

MRR Review: "The Best Man Holiday"

Rating: R (language, brief nudity and sexual...

2013-11-13 13:40

In 1999, Spike Lee’s cousin Malcolm D. Lee made quite a splash of his own with “The Best Man”, what you...

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Box Office Recap: What Happened over the Weekend? "The Best Man Holiday" came in second in overall box office rankings. During the weekend of November 15, the comedy earned $30,...
Box Office Preview! What's New This Weekend? "Nebraska" arrives in theaters on Friday, November 15. Woody learns that he's finally struck it rich. The problem is that he's...

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