Box Office Recap: What Happened over the Weekend?

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November 18th, 2013

Box Office Recap: What Happened over the Weekend?

"The Best Man Holiday" came in second in overall box office rankings. During the weekend of November 15, the comedy earned $30,600,000. After years apart, a group of friends reunite during the Christmas season. Although over a decade has passed, the friends soon realize that the bonds between them are still strong, resulting in tears, laughter, passion, and rivalries. The holiday season just got more complicated. The R rating is due to language, mature content, and brief nudity.

Continuing Films

"Thor: The Dark World" continued to dominate the box office, bringing in $38,454,000. Overall, the action film has earned more than $146 million. The lives of Thor and. Jane Foster are about to collide once again, this time under dire circumstances. When Jane accidentally unleashes an otherworldly force, the fate of the universe hangs in the balance. Even the Asgardians may not be able to avert disaster. "Thor: The Dark World" has a PG-13 rating for suggestive content and intense sequences of violence and action.

"Last Vegas" earned $8,865,000. In total, the comedy has made more than $46 million. Billy, Sam, Paddy, and Archie have been friends for decades. As they enter their sixties, the pals have faced many challenges. When Billy proposes to his girlfriend and invites his friends to celebrate in Sin City, they just might rediscover the joys of youth. "Last Vegas" has a PG-13 rating for mature content and language.

"Free Birds" saw profits of $8,300,000, bringing total earnings to more than $42 million. Turkeys hate Thanksgiving Day just as much as humans enjoy it. This is why a renegade turkey and his reluctant accomplice have decided to travel back in time to the days of the Pilgrims, hoping to convince the Pilgrims to choose a different entrŽe. The movie has a PG rating for rude humor, action, and peril.

"Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa" earned $7,670,000 during the weekend of November 15, with overall profits now past the $90 million mark. With his deadbeat parents flaking out on him, young Billy ends up in the care of his grandpa, Irving. To Billy's surprise, Irving has some rather unusual ideas about how best to look out for his grandson as the duo travels across the country. The irreverent film has an R rating for strong crude and mature content, language, graphic nudity, and brief drug use.

"Gravity" saw earnings of $6,280,000. Since its debut, the film has earned more than $240 million. During what was supposed to be a routine shuttle mission, unexpected space debris sets off a chain of devastating events. A medical engineer struggles to survive in outer space. Unfortunately for her, this is an intimidating feat that even veteran astronauts cannot always accomplish. "Gravity" has a PG-13 rating for intense perilous sequences, disturbing images, and brief strong language.

Movies to DVD

"We're the Millers" arrives out on DVD and Blu-Ray on Tuesday, November 19. Facing a difficult assignment from his boss, a drug-dealer is desperate to make it across the border. He decides that a fake family is just what he needs to pass inspection. Of course, even a fake family has a lot of very real drama. "We're the Millers" has an R rating for crude mature content, pervasive language, drug material, and brief graphic nudity.

"The World's End" follows a group of friends who are attempting to carry off a pub crawl that they failed during their teenage years. As the group gives the pub crawl a second shot, they slowly realize that something odd is taking place in their small town. "The World's End" has an R rating for language and mature references.

"Planes" features the voice talents of Dane Cook as Dusty, a plane with a problem. Dusty dreams of becoming a racer, but he's secretly terrified of heights. He'll have to convince an older plane to become his mentor if he wants a shot at racing. The animated movie has a PG rating for mild action and rude humor.

"Paranoia" stars Liam Hemsworth as an up-and-coming inventor. When he gets into trouble, Adam discovers that his only path towards redemption leads him straight into a world of backstabbing and danger. He will have to consider his every move carefully if he wants to survive. "Paranoia" has a PG-13 rating for violence, language, and mature content.

In "The To Do List," Brandy is a teen growing up in the 1980s. Realizing that she needs a lot more experience before she heads off to college and meets boys, Brandy brings her organizational skills to the task at hand and makes a list of everything she needs to learn. The raunchy comedy has an R rating for strong mature content and language that includes mature references, as well as for drug and alcohol use (all involving teens).