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A 2010 Danish-Swedish drama thriller film written by Anders Thomas Jensen and directed by Susanne Bier. Acting as the primary characters in the story are Mikael Persbrandt, Trine Dyrholm & Ulrich Thomsen. Anton (Persbrandt) is a doctor who commutes between his home in an idyllic town in Denmark and his work at an African refugee camp. In these two very different worlds, he and his family are faced with conflicts that lead them to difficult choices between revenge and forgiveness. Anton and his wife (played by Dyrholm) are separated and struggling with the possibility of divorce as they raise two young sons. The eldest, 10-year-old Elias, is being bullied at school, until he is defended by Christian, a new boy who has just moved from London with his father, Claus (Thomsen). Like Elias, Christian is also going through a rough time at this point in his life. His mother recently lost her battle with cancer, and he's having a very hard time coping with the loss. Because of this the two boys are able to form a strong bond rather quickly. However when Christian involves Elias in a dangerous act of revenge with potentially tragic consequences, their friendship is tested and lives are put in danger. Ultimately, it is the boys' parents who must help them come to terms with the complexity of human emotions, pain and empathy.

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