Bill Murray to play Franklin D. Roosevelt

March 30th, 2011

Bill Murray will play former US president Franklin D. Roosevelt in the film adaptation of the radio play 'Hyde Park on The Hudson'.

The 'Lost in Translation' star is on board to play Roosevelt in the story - originally written for BBC radio - that has been adapted for film by the original writer Richard Nelson.

'Morning Glory's' Roger Michell will direct the film that takes place on the 1939 weekend when British King George VI and his wife Elizabeth visited FDR - marking the first time the British monarchy ever visited America.

It recounts the affair of the president and his distant cousin Margaret Stuckley.

'History Boys' producer Kevin Loader is on board for when shooting starts in July.

Meanwhile it has been confirmed Bill has still not read the script for the forthcoming third 'Ghostbusters' movie, meaning production will continue to be halted until he does.

Speaking about his delayed reaction to receiving the script recently, Bill - who played Dr. Peter Venkman in the first two films - said he hasn't read it because it is not a priority for him.

He revealed: "I guess I'm the problem. Before I was an asset, now I'm a problem. There's a script somewhere but I haven't read it yet.

"I'll get to it, I gotta get to it. I feel bad. It's nor the foremost thing in my mind, so I don't think about it. You know, the studio gets excited every 10 years or so. What they'd really like to do is recreate the franchise."