Bill Nighy: 'Total Recall remake in good hands'

November 15th, 2011

Bill Nighy has reassured fans of 'Total Recall' that the remake is in "very good" hands.

The 'Love Actually' star is set to play Kuato in the forthcoming movie and he has urged those concerned it won't live up to the 1990 action film not to worry because it is "beyond safe" with director Len Wiseman at the helm.

He said: "The original is treasured by people, I know, but I think I can help them relax. I think it's in very, very good hands. I've worked with Len Wiseman before, on the 'Underworld' series, in which I was a vampire. The first two of those were his first two films. And, I admire him beyond measure. I think he's tremendous, as a man and as a director.

"It's a cliche, but he can really tell a story. With 'Die Hard 4', he did a brilliant job. If 'Total Recall' is going to be remade, I think it's in very good, beyond safe, really brilliant hands."

The 61-year-old doesn't tend to watch the films he stars in, but he is going to make an exception with 'Total Recall' because he is so desperate to see the "pretty hot cast", who include Jessica Biel and Colin Farrell.

He added to "The script is fabulous. I like sci-fi. I'm not keen on monsters from outer space, or that kind of thing, too much, although I'll go with it, in certain cases.

"But, I love imaginative representations of a possible near-future, where you look at the technology and you think, 'Well, yeah, that could really nearly be true.' I like those kinds of backgrounds. And, it's a cracking script.

"Colin [Farrell], Jessica [Biel], Bryan Cranston and Kate Beckinsale are a pretty hot cast. I look forward to seeing that, even though I'm in it. I hate seeing films I'm in, but I think I'm going to have to watch it because I want to see it so bad."