Darren Aronofsky 'excited' about Wolverine movie

November 23rd, 2010

Darren Aronofsky is "excited" about making 'The Wolverine' because he has the full support of everyone around him.

The filmmaker was the surprise choice to direct the comic book blockbuster - which will be set in Japan, and is based on the Chris Calremeont and Frank Miller's 1982 mini-series - and he admits it's the first time he has worked on a film where everyone has the same vision as him.

He said: "Every time I start a film, everyone's like, 'What the hell is he doing?' So hopefully once again I'll surprise everyone. I'm just trying to have fun.

"Every single film I've done so far, I've been the only person in the room who wants to make it so now I'm kind of excited about making a film which everyone wants to make - just to see what the experience is like and see if I can do what I do in that world."

However, the 'Black Swan' director says he won't change his way of working as he wants the film to be "different".

He told Total Film: "It's not like I'm going to change my process - I'm going to be working with the same team and really trying to do something very different. We'll just see what happens.

"I think I'm being hired because of who I am, not to turn into someone else. I'm being hired to do what I do. We're definitely going to make something great but it will be very different."

'The Wolverine' sees Hugh Jackman take on the role of self-healing mutant Logan - aka Wolverine - for the fifth time and is due to hit cinemas in 2011.