Emily Blunt's Natalie Portman-induced anxiety attack

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An Oscar-winning Natalie Portman portrays a disturbed ballerina named Nina in this 2010 psychological thriller. After landing the lead in "Swan Lake", Nina goes to desperate lengths to fill her role as both the White and Black swan. The delicate ballerina is thrown further off balance when she perceives that a girl named Lily (Mila Kunis) is more qualified for the part.
February 7th, 2011

Emily Blunt had a "full-on anxiety attack" after watching Natalie Portman in 'Black Swan'.

The 27-year-old British actress plays a ballerina in new movie 'The Adjustment Bureau' and admits that even after months of training, she didn't master the craft as well as Oscar-nominated Natalie did in the recent dance-based thriller.

She said: "I literally had never done it before in my life. I had to do four months of boot camp, swept out of my comfort zone. I've got calves of steel.

"I had a full-blown anxiety attack watching 'Black Swan'. It was extraordinary what Natalie did - spooky good."

As well as taking dance lessons, Emily also taught herself how to run in a different way following advice from co-star Matt Damon.

She admitted: "Matt's given me good advice - 'make sure you watch yourself on playback. You might run like an idiot and not know it.'

"I had this chicken-arm flapping about. Thank God I caught that."