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In the future, man has created replicants to serve as slaves with managed life-spans. Deckard is a blade-runner, a cop specially trained to track and kill replicants. He must come out of retirement to find 4 replicants who have escaped an off-world colony.

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2013-11-12 16:30

'80s Movie Month: "Blade Runner" Review

Rating: R (for violence)
Length: 117 minutes

2013-07-05 16:00

Sci-Fi Movie Month: "Blade Runner" Review

-- Rating: R
Length: 117 minutes
Release Date...

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Ridley Scott has revealed the script for the 'Blade Runner' sequel is complete. What's more, the website Den of Geek reports that the much-hyped new film will feature Hollywood...
Harrison Ford and Ridley Scott appear to have buried the hatchet. The pair fell out during the filming of 1982's 'Blade Runner' but they met at restaurant 34 in London's Mayfair...
Harrison Ford is excited about the 'Blade Runner' sequel. The actor would jump at the chance to return as bounty hunter Rick Deckard in the follow-up to the popular 1982 sci-fi...
Usually when movies are filmed, a great deal gets cut out before the final version of the film airs. Director's cut versions of movies occur when that extra footage, cut out for a...

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