Memorable Mothers in Film

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures/Alcon Entertainment
May 14th, 2012

Memorable Mothers in Film

--Mothers have always had a special place in the hearts of people all over the world. In celebration of the super woman known as Mom just in time for Mother's Day, here is a look at some of the most memorable mothers in film.

* Sally Field plays the mother of one extraordinary young man in "Forrest Gump." From the film's opening, it's clear that this boy is special, and behind him all the way is his loving and supportive mother. Throughout the film, she delivers motivational speeches and never allows her challenged son to feel like an outcast. With her support, he runs his own company, becomes a ping pong champion, meets the president and rises to football stardom. That is one impressive résumé and one impressive woman.

* "The Incredibles" is an animated film that features an amazing family comprised of superheroes. Voiced by Holly Hunter, Helen Parr is the mother previously known as Elastigirl. With the help of her super husband and kids, this mother kicks some serious villain behind. If saving the world isn't enough, she's also a loving, nurturing mother of three who cooks, cleans and lends a supportive shoulder to her depressed husband. This is a woman who does it all without a single complaint.

* Dorothy Boyd in the beloved film "Jerry Maguire" has her hands full as a single mother to a precocious and adorable little boy. Her big heart and unending optimism make her the perfect mom. Adorable Renee Zellweger plays this dedicated mother with charm and spunk. Dorothy Boyd puts her heart into everything she does, and motherhood is no exception.

* Erin Brockovich is an activist who worked tirelessly to expose water contamination and corruption in a small town. The film named after her tells the tale of this single mom and her determination to expose the truth and save an entire town. What makes this mother even more impressive is that she does it all without an education or other formal training. This movie makes it clear that anyone can achieve greatness.

* Released in November of 2009, "The Blind Side" introduced America to Leigh Anne Tuohy. Tuohy is the amazing woman behind professional football player Michael Orr. Tuohy is not the typical socialite housewife. With attitude, determination and unending faith, she pours all of her love and support into a teenager without a home. While some would have turned their backs on the young man from the wrong side of the tracks, Tuohy takes him in and makes him a part of the family. This extraordinary true story shows that anything is possible with love.

* "Mask" is the true story of Roy Dennis who was born with a striking facial deformity And his mother Florence Dennis, played by the captivating Cher, is one heck of a mom. She fights to give her child a normal life and even goes toe to toe with the school principal to ensure her son's fair treatment. This gritty mom is a tough biker with a heart of gold. She overcomes her own struggles to give her son the best life possible.

* Sally Field makes another appearance as a devoted mother in "Steel Magnolias." This film has heart, love, joy, sadness and hope wrapped in one funny and charming package. Mother M'Lynn Eatenton has a daughter with serious health concerns. She's there to offer love and support even when her daughter makes questionable decisions, and when her daughter's kidney fails, M'Lynn is there to donate one of her own. This movie is a real testament to the love of a mother and the strength she can find within her.

* "Sense and Sensibility" is based on a popular Jane Austen novel published in 1811. The story follows the Dashwood family after the death of their father. Mrs. Dashwood is loving, honest and driven to see her daughters succeed. She triumphs in the face of adversity, and does it with the grace of a lady. This sentimental and sweet film features other strong women and shows that following the head and the heart lead to true happiness.

* Not all mothers in film are inspirational pillars of strength. Some are downright insane. No list of memorable mothers would be complete without the tale of Joan Crawford. Released in 1981, "Mommie Dearest" recounts the life of Crawford's adopted daughter Christina. Joan Crawford was a successful movie star with fame, fortune and a few odd habits like scrubbing her face with boiling water and obsessing about cleanliness. Her strange behavior strains her relationships and causes a great deal of pain to Christina, whom she treats more like an adversary than a daughter. This is not a warm and fuzzy family film, but it is a classic that may make a person or two think before complaining about dear, sweet Mom.

Hollywood films such as these celebrate mothers and portray their pains and triumphs in a way that is sure to inspire mothers and daughters alike. These mothers are heroes, occasionally villains and always the backbone of their families.