Ryan Gosling's messy sex scene

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Michelle Williams & Ryan Gosling are paired in this 2010 drama film about a failed marriage. Dean (Gosling) and Cindy (Williams) are first shown at their modest Pennsylvania home about six years into their marriage. He's a house painter, she's a nurse, they have a daughter who's about five, and the marriage is unraveling. Then Dean and Cindy are shown as they were back when they met, went through a courtship and got into a sexual relationship. From here it's left to the viewer to guess how things must have gradually gone wrong.
September 14th, 2010

Ryan Gosling had a "messy" sex scene with Michelle Williams in 'Blue Valentine'.

The 29-year-old actor - who plays Dean in the Derek Cianfrance-directed romantic drama - admits the scene with Michelle, who plays his wife Cindy in the film, was a tough one to shoot.

He told W magazine: "It was hard... a lot of times actors can trick people into thinking something is happening when it's not happening, and we had to call ourselves out on anything that didn't feel honest.

"Actors become very professional and proficient about watching out for each other's light and not stepping on each other's lines.

"All of these things are artificial, and you have to strip that away if you're going to achieve a sense of intimacy. In real life sex is messy, and we wanted to get at that wonderful messiness."

'Blue Valentine' tells the tale of a married couple who struggle to deal with their juxtaposed life - while Cindy is ambitious, Dean is content with his quiet life with his wife and child.

The movie is set to be released in December 2010.