Brad Pitt goes to Candy Store?

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Based on a true story, Twelve Years a Slave is the riveting account of Solomon Northup (played by (Chiwtel Ejiofor), a black citizen who was kidnapped from New York in 1841 and sold into brutal slavery in Louisiana. Like Northup's memoir of the same name, this historical drama is the inspiring story of his desperate struggle to return home to his family. Directed by Steve McQueen and produced by Brad Pitt, the latter of whom also stars in the film.
August 24th, 2012

Brad Pitt is in negotiations to star in crime thriller 'Candy Store'.

The 'Curious Case of Benjamin Button' actor is in talks alongside Denzel Washington for a role in the project, from writer and director Stephen Gaghan.

'Candy Store' tells the tale of a deep cover operative who begins work as a police officer only to find out the operation he was previously working against is involved closer to home than he first thought.

It will be Stephen's first major project since 2005's 'Syriana'.

The roles both Brad and Denzel are in talks for are unknown, but the film is described as a ''two-hander'' crime thriller with prominent roles for both stars.

Stephen previously won an Oscar for writing 2000 hit 'Traffic' and co-wrote the screenplay for 2013 sci-fi movie 'After Earth' starring Will Smith.

Brad is currently filming 'The Counselor' in London and is also set for a role in 'Twelve Years a Slave', which is written and directed by 'Shame' filmmaker Steve McQueen.