Warner Bros. plans futuristic version of The Odyssey

January 15th, 2013

Warner Bros. is planning a futuristic retelling of 'The Odyssey'.

The film will be inspired by Homer's epic Greek poem about hero Odysseus who battles a series of obstacles on a decade-long journey home after fighting in the Trojan war, with the action transported to an Outer Space setting.

Brad Pitt, who starred in a 2004 Warner Bros. movie based on prequel tale 'The Illiad', 'Troy', was reportedly attached to star in the new project but dropped out.

James DiLapo is set to pen a script, while David Heyman is on board to produce.

According to Deadline.com, 1821 Pictures executive Terry Douglas had the idea to transport the ancient tale into a science-fiction future.

While the Space setting might seem strange, the mythical creatures the hero encounters like witch-goddess Circe and fearsome six-headed monster Scylla could easily be re-imagined as inter-galactic aliens.

The studio is hoping the film could be part of a big blockbuster franchise, with Odysseus' journey back to his wife Penelope - who must deal with a group of unruly suitors fighting to take her husband's place - broken up into different stages.

Although 'Moneyball' actor Brad is unlikely to take on the role of Odysseus, he is currently negotiating a role as biblical figure Pontius Pilate in a new project also pitched by Warner Bros.

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