Bradley Cooper inspired by De Niro

March 9th, 2011

Bradley Cooper was inspired to become an actor by Robert De Niro.

The 36-year-old actor is currently starring in 'Limitless' with his idol Robert and revealed although he was in awe of the legendary star he found working with him relaxing.

Bradley said: "My past with him, without him knowing it, goes back a long way. He's the reason I became an actor. It's a fascinating thing to think about.

"I've seen him in so many movies, so I felt a connection to him. It's about breaking down the myth. The reason why I think we get along is I love people and he loves people, but I also like not talking. That's sort of our working relationship. Before we became friends, it was kinda clear that we both didn't like talking about the filming process so much, we just did it.

"Working with him was the opposite of intimidating, it was relaxing. When I would look at the schedule and knew I was working with Bob that day, it was a load off. It's true."

In the film Bradley plays writer Eddie Morra - who after his girlfriend leaves him, discovers a drug which gives him super-human abilities - and revealed he has his own plans about what he would do if he had special powers in real life.

He told "I would definitely try to learn as many languages as I could right away and then I would learn as many instruments as I could. It would be incredible to be able to start jamming with all these musicians and communicating with people wherever you are.

"But I would still be an actor and a director. I would start facing my fear because all I really want to do is direct movies. I just haven't done it."