Jennifer Lawrence's 'beautiful' character

November 19th, 2012

Jennifer Lawrence says seeing the development of her character in 'Silver Linings Playbook' was a ''beautiful'' experience.

The actress takes on the role of Tiffany in the movie - a beautiful young woman whose life also has not turned out the way she wanted - and she admits working with director David O. Russell helped show different sides to her alter-ego and was more complex than the character in the book the film is based on.

Jennifer - who stars alongside Bradley Cooper - said: ''It was like a blossoming, growing organism. It's beautiful. Reading the script, I really loved my character, then working with David she slowly started evolving.

''And then finally watching the film, I knew that it would be funny, but I didn't realise it would be as heart-warming, that was something that David did completely on his own. It was this lovely, heart-warming beast and I'd always seen it as sarcastic and a dark comedy kind of thing.''

Jennifer also enjoyed seeing the relationship with Bradley's character, Pat, develop as it came alive on-screen.

She told website ''I just think that it's a beautiful love story that we really haven't seen, and every scene in the film while we were filming, it just felt so different - it came alive as we were making it.

''I mean, it's beautifully written, but I would have never have guessed that 'Silver Linings Playbook' would end up like it did, it's not what I read.''