Sandra Bullocks thinks Melissa McCarthy is hot

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Sandra Bullock and Bradley Cooper star in this off-the-wall comedy about a blind date gone hilariously wrong. As a crossword puzzle creator for the Sacramento Herald, Mary Horowitz (Bullock) talks excessively and considers her pet hamster to be her only true friend. However after her parents set her up on a blind date, Mary falls for a handsome news cameraman by the name of Steve (Cooper). Obsessed with her one-time suitor, Mary begins to follow him on assignments all over the country. Things change dramatically, however, when she goes from pseudo stalker to lead story after becoming an unwitting part of a local disaster.
June 13th, 2013

Sandra Bullock thinks Melissa McCarthy is the hottest co-star she's ever had.

The 48-year-old actress is a huge fan of her 'The Heat' co-star and thinks she blows Ryan Reynolds, George Clooney and Bradley Cooper out of the water.

Asked who is hottest actor she has ever worked with, the brunette beauty, who starred alongside previous Sexiest Man Alive winners George in 'Gravity,' Ryan in 'The Proposal' and Bradley in 'All About Steve,' told BANG Showbiz at the UK gala screening of her new movie at Curzon Mayfair in London on Thursday night (13.06.13) that it was impossible to choose between the three heartthrobs.

She said: ''I would never compare any of my perfectly hot co-stars, who are equally hot and amazing, to each other.''

The Oscar-winner then added: ''Melissa McCarthy's the hottest co-star of all time! Melissa McCarthy is my hottest co-star.''

Melissa revealed that she and Sandra became firm friends while shooting the film because they both have quirky personalities.

She said: ''We had little time to enjoy [during filming], but the way we enjoy our life is exactly the same. I never thought I'd meet someone that was as... I don't want to use the word twisted [as me]; the word 'off' might be more appropriate. We both have the same life sensibilities, and the same things we love to do, so it was a kindred spirit. I was very lucky. You don't get that.''

The actresses were joined by their co-stars Jessica Chaffin and Jamie Denbo at the screening, as well as the movie's director Paul Feig, who said Melissa and Sandra's great chemistry made their set a lot of fun.

He explained: ''The great thing is, the girls got along great. They're still really close friends and that chemistry just kind of took over the whole time. It made it very fun. We laughed a lot.''