Weekend Preview: What's New At the Box Office?

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June 21st, 2012

Weekend Preview: What's New At the Box Office?

-- New Releases
Pixar brings a highly anticipated film to theaters on Friday, June 22nd. “Brave” is the first Pixar movie with a female protagonist, adding a little more girl power to the studio’s line up of beloved family films. “Brave” has a plot that is sure to appeal to boys as well as girls. Even parents will love the epic tale of a young Scottish princess who lets her stubborn spirit guide her straight into trouble. Unfortunately, she has endangered her whole kingdom, and now it is up to Princess Merida to draw on her true courage and undo a terrible curse. The bold and exciting movie features the voice talents of Emma Thompson, Kelly Macdonald and other stars. Brenda Chapman, Steve Purcell and Mark Andrews direct. “Brave” has a PG rating for rude humor and some action sequences that can be scary for younger children.

Director Temur Bekmambetov helms a horror action film with an interesting historical twist. “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” arrives at theaters this Friday. Based on a popular fantasy novel, the film shows the 16th President in an entirely different light. Benjamin Walker stars as Abraham Lincoln, the noble and heroic leader of the United States. In addition to worrying about human war and politics, however, Lincoln has to deal with a supernatural threat. Vampires are endangering the country, and it falls on Lincoln’s shoulders to fight back and save the nation from certain doom. The fast-paced film blends history, horror and fast-paced action sequences. “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” has an R rating for some suggestive content and intense violence.

Iconic director Woody Allen has a new film coming to select theaters. “To Rome with Love” is a witty and elegant comedy about a number of people living in Italy. Although some are tourists and some are locals, all of them share a love for the beautiful country. Their intertwining stories create a touching tribute to both Italy itself and the magic of Italian cinema throughout the years. The star-studded ensemble cast includes Penelope Cruz, Ellen Page, Alec Baldwin and Jesse Eisenberg. “To Rome with Love” is rated R for some suggestive references.

Steve Carell brings his own unique sense of humor to the apocalypse with a new comedy from director Lorene Scarfia. “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World” successfully blends comedy, drama and sci-fi elements. Dodge is not having a very good week. Not only did he learn about an earth-destroying asteroid, his wife just abandoned him, leaving Dodge to face the end of the world all alone. Dodge decides to take his chances and find a friend who will stick with him during his final days on the planet. He decides that an old flame is the perfect choice, but she might not agree. The film has an R rating for drug use, violence, language and crude references.

Continuing Films
“Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted” is reigning supreme at the box office. The usual crew of zoo animals is joined by new pals, including Stefano the Sea Lion and Gia the Jaguar. As the animals travel across Europe as part of a circus, they must dodge the grasp of Animal Control officer Chantale DuBois. The evil DuBois would love nothing more than to see the zoo animals turned into stuffed trophies, but they will use all their wits and cunning to get home to New York City. The family-friendly film is directed by Conrad Vernon, Eric Darnell and Tom McGrath. The PG rating is due to some crude humor and mild action sequences.

Director Ridley Scott has added a new film to his popular “Alien” series. “Prometheus” marks Scott’s return to the sci-fi genre after many decades focusing on other projects. Manned by a crew of 17 scientists and explorers, a ship heads to a distant planet, lured there by mysterious ancient maps. The two idealistic scientists who head the mission believe that they can find the very origins of human life. The other crewmembers are a little more doubtful. What they do find, however, is beyond anybody’s imagination. “Prometheus” has an R rating for intense violence, disturbing images and brief language.

“Rock of Ages” is an energetic musical from director Adam Shankman. In 1980s Los Angeles, everybody dreams of becoming a rock star. When Stacee Jaxx comes to town, he creates a huge stir. What his fans do not realize is that fame can take a toll. Jaxx’s hard drinking and glamorous lifestyle have taken a toll on the rock legend. It might be up to two bright-eyed hopefuls to restore his faith in life and find their own voices at the same time. “Rock of Ages” is rated PG-13 for suggestive dancing, heavy drinking, language and mature content.