Ten Must-See Action Films Available on Netflix

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January 10th, 2014

Watching a great action flick is the perfect way to add some excitement to a boring daily or weekly routine. With Netflix, viewers can enjoy hours of action-packed films featuring jaw-dropping stunts and eye-catching special effects whenever they want. The following action movies feature well-known characters and have great story lines. Viewers who love adrenaline-pumping movies must check out these ten must-see action films that can be streamed instantly on Netflix.


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Starring Mel Gibson as thirteenth-century Scottish warrior William Wallace, ''Braveheart'' is a historical movie filled with action and drama. In the film, Wallace is enraged after the slaughter of his bride, Murron, played by Catherine McCormack, and he decides to slay the platoon of English soldiers responsible for her death. The slayings prompt the English village to retaliate, causing Wallace and his countrymen to fight multiple battles against them. The film is filled with action-packed battle scenes full of blood and gore, making this Academy Award-winning epic movie the perfect choice for any action-movie lover.


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''Top Gun''

Directed by the late British director Tony Scott, ''Top Gun'' is a 1986 action/drama starring Tom Cruise as Pete ''Maverick'' Mitchell, a naval aviator lieutenant who is cocky, confident, and always eager to prove to everyone around him that he's the very best. Like his father, Maverick is a hotshot pilot who ultimately puts people in danger. Through a series of actions, he's able to escape death and save his crew. ''Top Gun'' is a thrill ride from beginning to end. It features amazing visuals and is sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.


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''Beverly Hills Cop''

''Beverly Hills Cop'' is an action-packed comedy starring Eddie Murphy as Axel Foley, a tough-talking streetwise police officer from Detroit who goes to Beverly Hills, California, to investigate the murder of a friend. While there, he stumbles on some information that makes his trip much more dangerous than he anticipated. Many comedic moments occur throughout the film, but they do not take away from the awesome action scenes that occur on the street, in bars, and in many other locations throughout Beverly Hills.


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''The Avengers''

''The Avengers'' is an American superhero movie featuring an all-star lineup of characters that kids and adults of all ages have loved for decades, including Iron Man, Captain America, the Incredible Hulk, Thor, and Black Widow. The superheroes work together with the goal of saving the world from doom. The film has exciting scenes from beginning to end and is perfect for action film lovers of all ages.


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''Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid''

Viewers who love action-packed westerns will enjoy watching ''Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,'' a film about two Wild West outlaws who are running from the law while aspiring to become more successful as criminals. Trouble seems to find these men wherever they go, which is why this film is filled with action, including several gunfights, that's sure to keep the viewer's attention.


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''Men in Black''

''Men in Black'' is a sci-fi action thriller starring Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith as two agents who work as part of a top-secret government team monitoring the activities of space aliens who, unbeknownst to humans, live on Earth. The computer-generated imagery, animated aliens, and action-filled scenes make this movie visually appealing and very exciting to watch.


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''The Hunger Games''

''The Hunger Games,'' starring Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, and many more notable Hollywood stars, is a movie about a survival competition that requires teenagers to fight each other to the death. The film is based on a book bearing the same name, and the fast-moving fighting scenes make it difficult for viewers to tear their eyes away from the screen.


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''IP Man''

''IP Man'' is an action movie based on the life of Yip Man, a Chinese grandmaster and martial arts teacher whose most famous student was Bruce Lee. The film focuses on a variety of events in his life that took place during the Sino-Japanese War and is filled with energetic fighting scenes. This movie features some of the most skilled martial artists in cinema, including Donnie Yen, Louis Fan, and Xing Yu, and has won multiple awards, such as the Hong Kong Film Award for Best Action Choreography.


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''The Hunt for Red October''

''The Hunt for Red October'' is an action thriller that stars Sean Connery, Alec Baldwin, and James Earl Jones. The Red October is a Soviet submarine headed for America that's undetectable by sonar. The ship's captain plans to perform missile drills on the East Coast of the United States and also plans an unauthorized attack. A CIA analyst learns of the attacks and takes massive action, leading to plenty of thrilling and action-packed scenes.


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''The Untouchables''

''The Untouchables'' is a classic gangster film starring Kevin Costner as Eliot Ness, Sean Connery as Jimmy Malone, and Robert De Niro as Al Capone. Ness is on a mission to take down Capone, who is a legendary gangster. This film is violent, vulgar, and filled with shoot-'em-up-style action that's sure to keep viewers' eyes glued to the screen.