Rihanna comfortable in movies

April 6th, 2012

Acting is a ''natural extension'' of Rihanna's talent.

The 'You Da One' singer makes her acting debut in 'Battleship' and her co-star Brooklyn Decker was impressed with how quickly she adapted from performing on stage to the big screen.

She said: ''She's been performing for audiences for so long, acting is a natural extension of her talent. She looks so comfortable up there. It's surprising and I think people will be excited to see her.''

Brooklyn particularly enjoyed working on the film - which is about aliens attacking a US naval convoy - because she and Rihanna were given strong characters to play who are more than just ''damsels in distress''.

She added: ''Rihanna and I are very much tomboys. I'm actually not a fan of most action films, because you see the girl and she's a damsel in distress with her hair blown out and being rescued by the hero - that annoys me.

''I want the girl to be tough, and this movie actually showcases two women fending for themselves and fighting this battle and being strong, independent, tough women.''