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Sylvester Stallone plays a New Orleans hitman who teams up with a young Washington DC detective (Sung Kang) in a high-stakes investigation that leads from dingy back alleys all the way to the power corridors of New Orleans. The unlikely duo, brought together by two vicious murders, take on all who stand in their way, willing to sacrifice everything to exact revenge. Directed by Walter Hill, the crime actioner also stars Christian Slater and Jason Momoa.

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2013-02-12 17:55

MRR Review: "Bullet to the Head"

-- Rating: R (language, bloody images, strong...

2013-01-31 15:29

Movie Review: "Bullet to the Head"

I wish I could have been in on the creative meeting when the...

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Sylvester Stallone got a tattoo of his wife to cover a burst vein. The actor sports huge tattoos across his back and shoulders in his new film 'Bullet to the Head', and they are...

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