Christina Aguilera always offered similar roles

December 3rd, 2010

Christina Aguilera gets offered movie roles too similar to her own life.

The 'Not Myself Tonight' hitmaker - who recently took a starring role in her debut movie 'Burlesque' alongside music legend Cher - has been suggested for film roles previously but has always turned them down because they were too "direct" to her.

She said: "I've had offers before. But they were more quote-unquote who I am directly, and I was waiting.

"But when I heard the title 'Burlesque', which is so intriguing to me because of the sensuality of it all, I thought it was out of character enough for me."

However, Christina did struggle on the movie because she had to be more collaborative than she did in her musical career.

She told Empire magazine: "It's a completely different animal. In my world, it's all about expressing me and I like to be theatrical and to experiment with make-up and hair and be bold and kinda out there.

"So it was quite the challenge to separate myself from being able to go in there, express my opinion and have control over my music videos to go into movies."