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A vampire fantasy thriller starring Gemma Arterton & Saoirse Ronan as a pair of mysterious women who move into a run-down seaside town. Clara (Arterton) quickly secures shelter for them in the dilapidated Byzantium Hotel, while Eleanor (Ronan) finds solace in the companionship of a local boy. The bond proves dangerous however, as she mistakenly deems him trustworthy and reveals the truth of who she is and how she survives. As Clara and Eleanor become more exposed, the body count begins to rise, resulting in a wild hunt for blood.

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2013-07-09 17:00

MRR Review: "Byzantium"

-- Rating: R
Length: 118 minutes
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2013-04-25 13:31

There are a number of interesting parts to Neil Jordan’s “Byzantium“, his first foray into vampire cinema...

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