Cameron Diaz: Naked scene not an 'objectification'

July 15th, 2014

Cameron Diaz insists being naked in 'Sex Tape' isn't an ''objectification''.

The 41-year-old actress shows off her naked bottom on-screen for the first time in her new film alongside Jason Segel but she claims she would never have done it earlier on in her career.

Quizzed on how she felt about the nude scene, she said: ''I'm not really naked - it's just my butt!

''It's not an objectification. If I had done it another time, if I was a young girl who was taking off my clothes to be sexy in a movie - that never felt right to me.

''For me, this is about two people who are a loving relationship, being playful with one another and showing how much they love each other.''

The 'Bad Teacher' star shows off her derriere in the film that tells the story of how a married couple - played by her and Segal - accidentally send a video of themselves making love to all of their friends and colleagues via an online transfer application.

Referring to Apple's iCloud - which wirelessly stores files from different electronic devices - Segal said: ''I do know what it is! It's a bank of servers somewhere that anyone really has access to for any reason ... We did a lot of research. Everything that happens in the movie could happen to you - it's a cautionary tale!''