Michael Fassbender: 'McQueen is frightening'

February 3rd, 2012

Michael Fassbender admits working with Steve McQueen can be ''frightening''.

The Irish/German actor has worked with the acclaimed director on both 'Hunger' and 'Shame', and he admits his favourite thing about working with him is the fact he has a good ''bulls**t detector'', but Carey Mulligan - who stars alongside him in 'Shame' - managed to deal with him well.

He said: ''Carey was very easy to work with because she was brave, throwing herself into the mix. When you're working with Steve it can be quite a frightening experience but also very exciting and educational because there are no safety rails and nowhere to hide.

''He's got a great bullshit detector, so he just wants you to try and surprise each other and look after each other. You need somebody who's got the chops to pull you up, bounce off you, test you, challenge you, and she's got that for sure.''

Michael is seen in multiple scenes in 'Shame' naked, and he admits he is glad his parents have not seen it.

He added to TotalFilm.com: ''My mother was going to be in Venice at one point. My dad was going to see it but luckily that didn't pan out.''