Emily Mortimer likes to mix-up roles

August 26th, 2011

Emily Mortimer likes to pick a variety of roles to "mix it up"

The 39-year-old actress - who has played parts in movies 'Cars 2', 'Shutter Island' and 'Paris Je T'Aime' - enjoys pushing herself out of her comfort zone with the roles she picks as she doesn't like to "bore" herself.

She said: "From project to project I feel like I want to just do something different all of the time and stop- I don't want to bore myself or anyone else.

"I like to mix it up."

She enjoys the challenge of conquering something she thinks she can't and is "always drawn to the thing she thinks she can't do."

The 'Our Idiot Brother' star has said she is "lucky" and "grateful" to have been picked for the film by long-time friend and the film's director Jesse Peretz.

She added to Cinemablend.com: "When a friend is kind enough to write you into the movie, like it or not you've got to do it. Lucky for me, this one I liked."

Emily will next be seen in 'Our Idiot Brother' and the eagerly anticipated 'Hugo' with Asa Butterfield, Sir Ben Kingsley and Chloe Mortez.

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