Daniel Day Lewis wanted for "007" role

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James Bond, the secret agent with a licence to kill, returns with the story of his first 007 mission where he must defeat a weapons dealer in a high stakes game of poker at Casino Royale, but there's more to the mission than meets the eye.
September 26th, 2013

Daniel Day Lewis is wanted for the role of James Bond.

The Oscar-winning actor is being eyed by author William Boyd, who claims he would be perfect to play the MI6 agent in a film adaption of his new Bond novel, 'Solo', which he claims is written in the style of original 007 author Ian Fleming.

He told The Independent newspaper: ''If there was going to be an actor to play my James Bond, I'd choose another actor who's been in a film of mine and who is also called Daniel.

''Daniel Day-Lewis actually resembles the Bond that Fleming describes. He was a tall, lean, rangy, very dark-haired, good-looking man. There's a sense that image is what he saw his Bond looking like.''

Boyd also believes modern Bond films - which currently stars Daniel Craig - are moving ''further away'' from the characters depicted in Flemings novel.

He mused: ''The current Bond is fantastically interesting even though the current films are half a century on than the novels. The link gets fainter and fainter. The Bond films are all contemporary.''

'Solo' - which was released on Wednesday (25.09.13) - is published by Jonathan Cape, Fleming's original publisher and comes 60 years since 'Casino Royale' was first released.