Katie Holmes a Responsible Adult

May 11th, 2011

Katie Holmes has signed on for romantic comedy 'Responsible Adults'.

The 32-year-old actress - who is married to Hollywood legend Tom Cruise - will star alongside Chace Crawford in the project, written by Alex Schemmer.

Katie will play a medical student who meets a younger man to who she becomes very attached, before realising she once babysat him 15 years ago.

However, he resolves to not let her escape because he always knew his feelings for her.

Kirk D'Amico, chief executive of Myriad Pictures, said the twosome would be an "appealing" couple for many cinemagoers.

He said: "The script is very funny. Katie Holmes and Chace Crawford are appealing actors around the world. And Jon Poll is a terrific filmmaker. We are really pleased to help bring 'Responsible Adults' to the big screen."

Producer Michael Roiff revealed he and filmmaker Alex worked hard to get the project to the big screen.

He said: "Alex Schemmer and I went to Harvard together and acted in the Hasty Pudding Show. He asked me to read his script and my whole office flipped for it. One thing led to another, we attached Jon and then partnered with Julie. Now we've added Katie, Chace and Myriad - a fantastic team - the next stop is making this film a reality."

Katie's film career has been quiet in recent years - her biggest role since departing TV show 'Dawson's Creek' has been in 'Batman Begins', where she played Rachel Dawes.

'Responsible Adults' begins shooting later this year.