Channing Tatum stopped from doing stunts

March 23rd, 2011

Channing Tatum wasn't allowed to do all the stunts on 'The Eagle'.

The Hollywood hunk - who starred alongside British star Jamie Bell in the film about a Roman officer and his slave - was keen to partake in his own actions scenes but couldn't do those in Scottish rapids because it was too dangerous.

He said: "I did almost all the stunts, apart from the river and the rapids they wouldn't let us do because it had been raining for like a month straight and the rivers had rose by about three feet. And one horse-back riding scene that we just didn't have time for us to do it.

"I definitely got hurt. I got scalded pretty bad, but during the fight scenes not too much, just bangs and bruises."

Channing was also nervous about a scene where he had to hold Jamie under the water because of how cold it was.

He told BANG Showbiz: "There's a bit where I have to put him under, it's freezing, it's so cold that when your head goes under the water, all air goes out of you and all thought, you're just in shock. And I've got to hold him under water and he's supposed to tap me when he's ready to come back up and he didn't tap me and I'm just like, have I killed him?