Channing Tatum's awkward friendship

March 28th, 2011

Channing Tatum admitted it was "awkward" on the set of the 'The Eagle' because he and Jamie Bell got on so well.

The US actor explained it caused some problems after the pair hit it off immediately while working on the medieval adventure film - about a young Roman officer Marcus Aquila in Britain trying to restore his family's honour with the help of his slave Esca - because their characters are supposed to dislike each other.

Channing told BANG Showbiz: "We kind of talked about it a little bit, I think it was kind of an unforeseen complication because Jamie and I did get on so well right off the bat that with the story of Marcus and Esca we had to make sure we reminded each other of it from time to time because it had to remain tight and taut until the very end of the movie."

However Channing said they made up for their seriousness once filming ended when he revealed they couldn't stop laughing.

He said: "We never really laugh until the very end of the movie, until the end scene, and we were laughing as soon as they yelled cut. It was a crack up the whole time."