Donald Sutherland's Eagle nerves

March 11th, 2011

Donald Sutherland was nervous while filming 'The Eagle'.

The veteran US actor plays Aquila - the uncle of Channing Tatum's character Marcus Aquila in the movie - and director Kevin McDonald revealed even though Donald has had a long and varied film career he was still worried about his performance.

Kevin said: "Donald Sutherland was fantastic. He's a joy to work with and you would think that he would be somebody who would be so bored of working in a way because he's been around so long but he's not. He came on set every day and in fact he was nervous before he even started shooting. He gave it 100 per cent."

Meanwhile Jamie Bell - who plays Marcus Aquila's slave Esca - revealed prankster Channing tried to get him in trouble with Donald.

He explained to BANG Showbiz: "Donald Sutherland hates smoking, I was well aware of that but I'm a casual smoker. So on Donald's first day Channing decides to put an empty cigarette packet in my jacket and goes 'Oh Jamie are these yours?'

"We made a pact from then on that we would never do anything like that to each other, I made him swear because he is very famous for playing pranks on his other co-stars."