The Eagle director ignored Channing Tatum's personal injury

March 18th, 2011

'The Eagle' director Kevin McDonald didn't realise Channing Tatum was injured when his penis was burnt with boiling water.

The actor plays a Roman soldier in the movie and many of the scenes in Scotland took place in very cold conditions, and when boiling - instead of just warm - water was poured down the wetsuit Channing was scolded, but the filmmaker is glad it happened because it was when he wanted him to act his most angrily.

He said: "He was yelling and jumping into the cold water and we all thought he was joking.

"So I carried on my conversation for about two minutes before I realised it wasn't an act. That was just at the point where I was trying to make him feel at the end of his tether so it was advantageous in a way."

Kevin also admits part of the reason he used Channing in the film was because he wanted to turn him from a Hollywood star to a more "vulnerable" character.

He told The Guardian: "I wanted to break down this mighty, self-confident, all-American boy and make him vulnerable. "That was the journey I wanted him to go on: to be taken to bits and put back together again."