Jamie Bell: 'The Eagle director lucky to have us'

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A Roman epic adventure based on the classic novel of the same name and set in the dangerous world of second-century Britain. In 140 AD, twenty years after the unexplained disappearance of the entire Ninth Legion in the mountains of Scotland, young centurion Marcus Aquila (Channing Tatum) arrives from Rome to solve the mystery and restore the reputation of his father, the commander of the Ninth. Jamie Bell stars as Aquila's British slave Esca.
March 22nd, 2011

Jamie Bell believes the director of his latest movie was "lucky to have him".

The 'Billy Elliot' star - who plays a slave in 'The Eagle' opposite Channing Tatum as a Roman soldier - thinks the film's director Kevin McDonald was lucky to get the pair together for the film as they are both very "physical" actors.

He told BANG Showbiz: "I think these guys got very lucky having me and Channing do the parts. Obviously, we both have physical backgrounds."

However, he admits he had never ridden a horse before he took on the role, something he was very upfront about because he didn't want to get caught out.

He added: "I've never been on a horse before, I was very honest about that. A lot of actors lied about that and in the meeting they say, 'Can you ride a horse?' And they're like, 'Oh yeah, totally fine.' I had to learn that from scratch, and I think the physical and arduous nature of it was part of the struggle of the characters and the story."