Jaime Winstone's dream movie

March 19th, 2011

Jaime Winstone's latest role was a "dream come true".

The British actress takes on the title role in 'Elfie Hopkins' - which also stars her actor father Ray Winstone - and she found it "nice" playing the teen detective on the quest of uncovering the truth about a family of cannibals because the character is so much like her real self.

She said: "Elfie's been an alter ego of mine for a while now and it's a dream come true to play her.

"She is feral and there is a real vulnerability to her. I haven't played someone like this before - but this is probably the nearest person to my real self, which is nice."

Ray - who stars in the film as the village butcher - enjoyed working with his daughter on the movie, but admits it took him a while to get used to the idea of not worrying about her performance.

He said: "Usually I turn up on set and I just worry about what I am going to do.

"But with your own children, you worry more about them and want them to be the best. I had to get over that quickly and let Jaime get on with it."

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