Why Chloe Moretz is the Next Big Thing in Hollywood

Photo Credit: Overture Films
May 25th, 2012

Why Chloe Moretz is the Next Big Thing in Hollywood

--Hollywood is constantly looking for the next "it" girl. To be considered hot in Hollywood, an actress has to be more than just an actress. In today's Hollywood, she has to be multi-talented and memorable. For most actresses, achieving true star status is nearly impossible. However, for a select few, becoming the next big thing in Hollywood is absolutely achievable.

One actress who is making waves in the film industry is Chloe Moretz. Moretz is only 15 years old, but became internationally known when she played the role of Hit-Girl in the surprise hit film "Kick-Ass." However, Moretz was not new to movies at that time. She had been working in film since the age of seven.
Unlike other actresses in Hollywood, Moretz has a few things going for her that could help her achieve "it" girl status.

Talent and Staying Power
Moretz has natural talent and tends to pick more serious roles over the typical teenage roles that are often offered to actresses her age. While teen movies and comedic roles can help make a career for a teen or child star, these roles may not help her get better roles as she gets older. Child or teen actors also have a problem with getting typecast into certain roles. When an actress plays the same role over and over again, it does not help her develop her acting skills any further. However, Moretz has made smart project decisions. Since the beginning of her career, she has often chosen dramatic film projects such as "The Amityville Horror," and "Hugo." Moretz also ensures that the films she works on are diverse, which makes it harder to typecast her and also shows her acting range.

Child and teen stars typically have a shelf life. As younger actors get older, audiences tend to have a difficult time transitioning with them, which is why so many younger actors no longer act after they reach a certain age. While Moretz has achieved success with certain films, she has not been thrust in the spotlight like other child or teen actors. Audiences may not recognize her when they see her in a film, which works to her benefit because it makes it easier for her to transition from a child actress into adult roles.

Many child actors end up in the entertainment business because of pushy parents. When parents force a child into the acting industry, their pushiness can often backfire and cause the child to hate the industry as time progresses. However, Moretz was not forced into the entertainment industry. She first became interested in acting when her brother went to performing arts school in New York. While she does involve her mother in choosing her roles, she maintains her passion because she was not forced into her career. Moretz also keeps other members of her family involved in her acting. Her brother is her acting coach who also frequently travels with her to press dates.

An actress's personal life can greatly impact her professional life. Many child actors ruin their careers by letting the public see too much of their personal lives. While Moretz is only 15, she has not been in the tabloids for anything negative. Audiences and fans do not hear stories about partying and she does not show up to movie premieres or interviews wearing anything too flashy or inappropriate. Many child actors end up harming their careers by getting attention for the wrong things, but Moretz carries herself in a confident manner and does not use her age or looks to get fans or recognition.

Moretz also carries herself well during interviews. She comes across as intelligent, funny and down to earth. She knows a lot about her craft, and often cites acclaimed actresses as her inspiration.

Moretz has a serious attitude when it comes to her career. She works hard on every film she is involved in and treats her acting career as a job. For the film "Kick-Ass," Chloe had to go through extensive training and learn how to disassemble a gun. However, the hard work did not deter her from completing the film.

Looks and Fashion
To be a successful in Hollywood, an actress must have a certain amount of visual appeal as well as talent. Moretz has both visual appeal and talent. She enjoys fashion and has let her fashion sense transition with her as she has gotten older.

In this, as in other ways, she seems ready to transition into a career as a serious adult actress.