Chloe Sevigny often gets offered masculine roles

May 19th, 2012

Chloe Sevigny isn't ''offended'' she often gets asked to play masculine roles.

The Oscar-nominated actress has previously portrayed a butch-looking gay woman in 'If These Walls Could Talk 2' and can next be seen as a transgender hit-woman in 'Hit & Miss', but understands why she gets offered the roles because she has a manly face.

She said: ''I do feel like I have some masculine features. I've seen myself on screen and thought that I do look quite masculine. So I could see why they would think of me for this part. I wasn't offended.''

Despite the unusual premise of the new British drama, Chloe does not believe it will be what they expected because it does not play up the transsexual aspect.

She added to the Radio Times: ''It's very lyrical, very poetic. It doesn't lean to camp in any way, shape or form.

''There's heightened realism here and there. But I think people are gonna be really surprised. They're gonna hear about this transsexual, transgender hit-woman ad they're gonna think it's one thing - and by the end of the first episode they'll realise this is not at all what they expected.''