Chris Evans hopes for Thor cameo

September 18th, 2012

Chris Evans wants to appear in 'Thor: The Dark World'.

The actor would be thrilled if his Marvel alter-ego Captain America made a cameo in the forthcoming sequel, but he and Chris Hemsworth - who plays Thor - know it might be ''tricky'' to fit into the storyline.

Asked about the possibility of a cameo, he told Collider: ''[Chris] Hemsworth and I even talked about that. I would love to do a little thing in 'Thor 2.'

''It is obviously going to be tricky trying to work out the plot, the reason why I am not there to help him, and why he is not there to help me.''

Following 'Thor: The Dark World', Marvel's next movie will be 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' and Chris revealed a lot of the storyline will stem from deleted scenes from the recent blockbuster 'Avengers Assemble'.

He said: '''They had all those deleted scenes with 'The Avengers' because a lot of those scenes are for 'Captain 2', you know what I mean? It was good stuff, but it all felt like that was his story. It is a different movie. With 'The Avengers' there was so much to cram in. Like I said, it was a long movie anyway. So I think making it any longer would have just been exhausting.''

'Thor: The Dark World' is scheduled for release on November 8, 2013 and 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' follows on April 4, 2014.