Hayley Atwell loves 'sexy' Ray Winstone

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Keira Knightley and Ralph Fiennes star in this historical drama set in late 18th-century England. Georgiana Spencer (Knightley) was in her teens when her mother (Charlotte Rampling) arranged her marriage to the Duke of Devonshire (Fiennes). As the Duchess, she endures a marriage that's loveless and rampant with infidelity on the part of her husband. After becoming inured to his lifestyle, Georgiana even raises the Duke's illegitimate daughter as her own. Meanwhile she takes an interest in local politics, working for Whig causes to become a darling of the common people. During her time the Duchess was also regarded as a fashion icon and a doting mother. Unfortunately, a passionate affair with Earl Grey (Dominic Cooper), the future Prime Minister, proves to be her undoing.
December 3rd, 2011

Hayley Atwell regards Ray Winstone as the "sexiest" leading man she's ever starred alongside.

The 29-year-old actress - who played Chris Evans' onscreen love interest in 'Captain America: The First Avenger' and sees her alter-ego have an affair with Ralph Fiennes' character in 'The Duchess' - loves the 54-year-old star's "animalistic, primal and alpha male qualities".

The brunette beauty - who stars alongside Ray in forthcoming movie 'The Sweeney' - said: "One thing I love about Ray is he's so charismatic and full of charm. I play a flying officer who is having an affair with his character. Out of all my leading me he's definitely the sexiest.

"He's got these animalistic, primal, and alpha male qualities about him. You can tell he's got such a strong family bond, they mean everything to him and that is very attractive. Someone who can take care of his own. He's like a lion, so I really enjoyed being around him. He's one of the good guys."

Hayley is also set to star alongside British rapper Plan B - whose real name is Ben Drew - in the film, and when he gets together with Ray the language on set turns sour.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "Ray and Plan B are so foul-mouthed, they have hearts of gold but mouths of sewage."

'Captain America: The First Avenger' is available on Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray Triple Play and DVD on Monday (05.12.11).