Hayley Atwell's 'innocent' Captain America romance

July 21st, 2011

Hayley Atwell loves the "innocence" of the relationship between her character Peggy Carter and Chris Evans' Steve Rogers in 'Captain America: The First Avenger'.

The British actress plays the soldier who feels an instant connection with Steve - who goes on to become the titular superhero - and Hayley was thrilled director Joe Johnston decided not to shoot a sex scene between the couple, preferring to leave "something up to the imagination".

Hayley told moviefanatic.com: "There is an innocence and that was another appeal. If we can make an action film that's predominantly for teenage boy's market, but have this love affair - it kind of makes you want them to get together even more.

"And not having the token sex scene that can really be in your face. It leaves something up to the imagination and it means there's a growing affection between them, which is far deeper and therefore far sexier than how quickly people tend to give themselves to each other because it means that it stands out. It means that if you love someone - this is the person that you love. This is the person that you ought to be with."

However, despite the lack of a sex scene, Hayley believes the characters have a very "modern relationship".

She explained: "It feels like a much more modern day relationship and it feels in a way that they're kind of kindred spirits. She's had her own struggles to get where she is because she's a woman, as he has because of his physical disadvantage. So they kind of understand each other."