Patty Jenkins to direct Thor 2?

September 23rd, 2011

Patty Jenkins is being considered to direct 'Thor 2'.

The filmmaker - who directed Charlize Theron to an Oscar in 2003 movie 'Monster' - is a frontrunner to helm the project, with Marvel Studios in negotiations with her for the fast-moving project, which is expected to hit cinemas in summer 2013.

Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, confirmed some details of the script, adding the movie will see further character developments for Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Natalie Portman (Jane Foster) and further extraterrestrial visits to the nine planes of existence in the imaginary universe.

He told Entertainment Weekly: "It will take Thor literally to other worlds. 'Thor 2' would primarily be the journey of that character, of he and Jane Foster and how the new dynamic with his father (Odin, played by Anthony Hopkins) is working out, as well as what are the broader stakes for The Nine Worlds."

Patty most recently directed TV series 'The Killing' and has also worked on 'Entourage' and 'Arrested Development'.

Although the sequel will come to screens in 2013, Chris will next be seen as the legendary Norse God Thor in 'The Avengers' alongside Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans.