Tara Reid got emotional at American Pie: Reunion

May 4th, 2012

Tara Reid started crying when she first saw 'American Pie: Reunion'.

The actress reprised her role as Vicky in the final franchise of the 'American Pie' series - 13 years after the release of the first one - and admits she got very emotional seeing all the original cast back together.

She said: ''When I saw the movie for the first time it was very emotional. Seeing everyone back on the screen was like, 'Wow.' When we were shooting it I knew so well these characters we have been playing for 13 years. It's like riding a bike in a way. The character stays inside you and it grows with you.

''So when I watched it back I started crying - in a proud way. It is funny and sweet and has so much heart.''

Tara believes the film - which also stars Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan, Chris Klein, Eugene Levy, Jennifer Coolidge and Seann William Scott - is the best in the franchise as it finishes off everyone's story.

She told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''I think the film is the best of the series. It really puts the pieces of the franchise together and I think it makes the most sense of all the sequels. It's very nostalgic and it funny, but it has so much heart to it, too.''