Julie Delpy: I'm a 'high-strung director'

September 21st, 2012

Julie Delpy says she's ''a pain in the ass writer'' and a ''high-strung director'' when working on her own projects.

The 42-year-old helmer-and-actress - who shot to fame in the 90s in romantic-comedy 'Before Sunrise' - confessed she's also a ''high maintenance actress'' but she often finds it hard to multitask.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''Most directors have to deal with high maintenance actresses, crazy composers, pain in the ass writers, you know high-strung directors. I'm all four.

''So I just have to deal with myself. I know my own self. It's hard work, it's obviously a challenge but you know, I've been doing it a few times now, so you know, it's OK. It's hard but it's manageable if you prepare yourself well enough.''

Julie co-wrote and helmed her latest film, romantic-comedy '2 Days in New York', in which she stars opposite Chris Rock, and she prefers to be sit in the director's chair and be her own boss rather than act in front of the camera.

She said: ''Directing I really love - you don't have anyone to deal with as much.

''Acting is difficult because you're always exposed. You have to get emotionally involved and it involves more of your personal self. And you're on camera you're being filmed, saying 'Is my hair ok? My makeup?' You know the stuff.

''I really admire it, and its great to be working as an actress, but I'm just not going to pursue it, like running to auditions. All my meetings and all the stuff I have to do is related to my directing.''

'2 Days in New York' is out on DVD and Blu-ray on October 1, 2012, courtesy of Network Releasing.

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