Michael Caine would return to Batman

July 6th, 2012

Sir Michael Caine thinks the Batman movies have a ''better class'' of acting than other superhero movies.

The veteran actor - who reprises his role as butler Alfred Pennyworth opposite Christian Bale as the Caped Crusader in 'The Dark Knight Rises' - believes the franchise is so successful because it has a strong cast.

He told Empire magazine: ''It's very human and I suppose the class of acting is a little better... For a start both Batman and the butler are Oscar-winners!

''Gary Oldman, who's the chief of police, nearly became one himself, do you see what I mean? So it's a very high standard of acting, and a very high standard of reality. That's the secret of that series, for me.''

Michael also believes the fact the stunts and special effects on 'The Dark Knight Rises' - which is directed by Christopher Nolan - are ''real'' sets the movie apart from others.

He added: For me, it was incredible because the great thing about it was - and the secret of the success of this picture as opposed to those massive blockbusters out there - is the stunts and special effects are real.

''There is very, very little computer generated imaging in it. All these other ones you see a million people marching towards you, you know they've photographed ten and just kept doubling it up and up and up. In ours, when the stuntman falls off the roof, it's a real man falling off the roof and hitting the bottom. And I think that is very important.