Cillian Murphy for The Dark Knight Rises?

June 15th, 2012

Cillian Murphy has hinted he may appear in 'The Dark Knight Rises.

The Irish actor - who starred as villain Scarecrow in 'Batman Begins' - could reprise his role for the third and final movie in Christopher Nolan's franchise.

When asked if he will return, Cillian told Digital Spy: ''Well, it's coming out in July isn't it? That's not long to wait. All these questions!''

Scarecrow made a brief appearance in 'The Dark Knight' and Cillian previously revealed he would be happy to take on the role for a third time.

He said: ''It's not for me to start campaigning for the Scarecrow to come back but if Chris wants me back in that role, yeah, absolutely, I would love to do it,''

Cillian combines a Hollywood career along with theatre - most recently picking up New York's prestigious Drama Desk Award for his Outstanding Solo Performance in Enda Walsh's 'Misterman' - and he revealed he unpredictability is one of the best and worst things about being an actor.

He said: ''The wonderful and scary thing about what we do is that nothing's concrete, you never know what's going to happen next. Something could come up and it would be great. It's terribly random.''