Now Streaming: 10 Comedy Movies on Netflix

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January 13th, 2014

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When people are sitting at home and want to find something funny to watch, look through the comedy movies in the streaming section of Netflix to find something that fits the bill. These 10 comedy movies on Netflix are highly rated by many movie enthusiasts.

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"Tommy Boy"
This 1995 comedy, starring Chris Farley, Brian Dennehy and David Spade, is about a family who owns an auto parts factory. Dim-witted slob Tommy Jr., played by Chris Farley, must save the company after his father's death by going on the road to sell brake pads. If he does not sell enough pads, the company must be sold, and the workers lose their jobs.
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"Happy Gilmore"

"Happy Gilmore" stars Adam Sandler as the title character, who is trying to help his grandma save her home. He learns by chance that he has an incredible golf swing, which eventually helps him win an amateur tournament and qualify for the pro tour. His foul mouth, aggressive nature and the help of a one-handed retired professional golfer prepare him battle a smarmy pro named Shooter McGavin in the hopes of winning enough money to keep his grandma's house.

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Directed by Kevin Smith, this 1994 black-and-white movie, is about Dante Hicks and his friend Randall. Dante is called to work at the Quick Stop on his day off. Despite being paid only minimum wage, fighting with his girlfriend and trying to get back with his ex, Dante still tries to work as efficiently as possible. Meanwhile, Randall, who works at the adjacent video store when he feels like it, openly hates his job and the customers who visit. The two characters spend much of the movie talking about their lives, customers and the world in general.

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"48 Hrs."

Nick Nolte and comedian Eddie Murphy pair up in this comedy from 1982. Detective Jack Cates, played by Nolte, needs help finding two cop killers who broke out of prison. His only option is to let a fast-talking hustler named Reggie Hammond, played by Murphy, out of prison for 48 hours to help find the criminals. The two despise each other, but they must work together when they end up facing great danger.

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"Planes, Trains, and Automobiles"

Businessman Neal Page, played by Steve Martin, is on his way home for Thanksgiving in Chicago when his seat on the plane is moved from first-class to coach. He is forced to spend the entire flight next to annoying salesman Del Griffith, played by John Candy. Due to the weather, the plane must make an emergency landing in Wichita. The pair must stay in a sleazy hotel together, forcing Neal to deal with Del's disgusting personal habits. After Neal unleashes a long list of profanities, Del reminds Neal that no one needs to judge. Finally, the two are able to make their way back to Chicago after taking a train and hitching a ride on a refrigerator truck. Neal and Del, after dealing with an interesting ride, become friends after all.

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"Ferris Bueller's Day Off"

Feigning a deadly illness, Ferris Bueller, played by Matthew Broderick, decides to spend the day on the town in Chicago instead of at school in this 1986 comedy. He and his friends Cameron and Sloane go to a Cubs game, eat at a fancy restaurant and borrow Cameron's dad's Ferrari. Meanwhile, school principal Ed Rooney, played by Jeffrey Jones, and Bueller's sister, played by Jennifer Grey, do everything in their power to catch Ferris in the act of cutting school.

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"Love Actually"

Released in 2003, "Love Actually" focuses on the love lives of eight different couples of various ages and life happenings. Some couples are falling in love, some are falling out of love and some are unsure of what they really want. Two of the relationships deal with non-romantic love. All of the characters end up at Heathrow Airport around Christmas, as they are all loosely interrelated.



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Ben Stiller plays the airheaded supermodel Derek Zoolander in this 2001 movie. When rival model Hansel, played by Owen Wilson, beats Zoolander out for VH1's male model of the year, things start to go wrong in Zoolander's life. His father shows disappointment in Zoolander's lifestyle, his friends leave him or die, and he starts feeling inadequate as a model. Evil fashion guru Mugatu, played by Will Ferrell, hires Zoolander to kill a prime minister, something Derek does not realize because he has been brainwashed. Hansel, Zoolander and a reporter named Matilda must work together to stop Mugatu's plan.

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In the 1988 flick "Heathers," Veronica, played by Winona Ryder, is part of the most popular group in school. Three girls all named Heather join her in this group. Veronica is tired of the way Heather Chandler treats everyone. After she meets a psychopath named J.D., Veronica goes on a killing spree with him. She eventually realizes she is afraid of J.D. and that she never meant to kill anyone.

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"Coming to America"

Akeem Joffer, played by Eddie Murphy, is a prince and heir to the throne of a fictitious African country. He is tired of his boring, pampered life and decides to come to America in hopes of finding true love. His parents have already chosen a wife for him in Africa, someone who is trained to follow exactly what he says, but he wants something different. Akeem gets a job at a fast food restaurant, falls in love with the owner's daughter and spends much of the movie trying to win her over. After the daughter finds out who he really is, she refuses to be with him. He returns to Africa with the intention of marrying the woman his parents chose for him in this 1988 comedy.

Watching any of these comedy movies that stream from Netflix helps people relax, be entertained, stop boredom and relieve stress. Pick up your remote, and flip through the comedy options. You are sure to find something you like.