Cleveland Comic-Con Wrap-Up

Photo Credit: Nostalgia Conventions
October 22nd, 2013

Cleveland Comic-Con Wrap-Up

For a first time “Con” goer, the Cleveland Comic-Con that went on this past weekend was a great one to start with. It was Cleveland’s first Comic-Convention, and thanks to the people at Nostalgia Conventions, I can confirm the “Con-Goers” were very satisfied. The day was full of events, a bunch of venders selling memorabilia, some great editors and illustrators of big name publishers, and tons of costumes! I’m sorry, I meant “Cosplay”, (the technical term).


First let’s start off with the events. The day started off early with a round of comic-themed Jeopardy, put on by the very enigmatic and entertaining Greg Wicker of “Greggo’s Game Shows.”

Greggo's Game Shows at Cleveland Comic-Con 2013

Next there were a bunch of QA panels with some of the industry’s top contributors:

Marc Sumerak: Editor and Writer with credits at the top 2 comic publisher DC and Marvel, including runs on X-Men, Ant-Man, Avengers and has produced his own Graphic Novels, The Machine Teen, and All Ghoul’s School.

Marc Sumerak (Former Editor at Marvel Comics) at Cleveland Comic-Con

Steve Engelhart: Writer who has worked for both DC and Marvel, as well as for video game studios Electronic Arts and Atari. Steve has also written for the silver and small screens.

Sean McKeever: Eisner Award winner who as contributed to comics such as The Incredible Hulk, Mystique, Birds of Prey and even his own The Waiting Place.

Joe Corroney: Illustrator for Star Wars, Star Trek and X-Files comics, posters, trading cards and pretty much every printed material since 1997.

Joe Corroney, Star Wars and Star Trek Comic Illustrator at Cleveland Comic-Con

Then there was panels for Con-Doc  Doctor Who panel, where the “Whovians” could all gather for some fun times, as well as Cleveland “Con-Centration” game show again hosted by Greggo’s Game Shows.

After that there was a fun “How to Cosplay” panel with some local cosplayers, and the now very popular Michael “Knightmage” Wilson who has become very well known for his costuming work.

Nightmage (Michael Wilson) as Batman Beyond at Cleveland Comic-Con

There were also some great vendors of memorabilia, props and merchandise.

Some of the highlights include: – Custom, limited run t-shirts, bags and gifts. – Custom and premaid latex, rubber and molded costumes and masks. – Custom made Cosplay and Halloween costumes to look like the movies.

There were some special guests from the “Tea Time with Deadpool” web series, which was vulgar, fun and entertaining, just like a Deadpool series should be. Check them out on YouTube.

Finally everyone brought out their “Big Guns” for the Costume Contest! The entire Movie Room Reviews team was blown away by the impressive display of Costumes that showed up in Cleveland. There was intricate detail, BIG body suits, and superb construction of props in practically every costume.

Some of the best and most creative included:

A Predator from the “Predator” series – This guy looked like he walked right off set.

Predator at Cleveland Comic-Con

An Iron Man and Iron Patriot duo, with light-up Arc reactors and repulsors.

Iron Man and Iron Patriot at Cleveland Comic-Con 2013

A cute girl who was the floating house from Disney/Pixar’s UP.

Girl dressed as Disney's UP house at Cleveland Comic-con

A Monstrous and incredibly eerie Frankenberry (yes the cereal), that won “Best in Show”.

Frankenberry Costume, won best in show at Cleveland Comic-Con 2013

See a full list of our Cosplay photos here.


The Movie Room Reviews team had a blast at the Cleveland Comic Convention of 2013, and we plan to bring you more coverage of upcoming Comic-Conventions from around the country, so stay tuned.